At our small donkey farm, we would like to invite you to get together with our animals in a family atmosphere.

We - that's Natalie, Stefan and the three children Leena, Silas and Hanna.
And of course allour small and large animals who are looking forward to be
visited and stroked.

Natalie is a teacher, a remedial teacher and trained in animal intervention. Stefan is a trained carpenter and former event manager.

Rustic and creative style work from our carpenter's shop

In our creative one-man carpentry, I appreciate the work with antique, rustic materials. Your furniture is created individually according to your wishes. We are happy to visit our small exhibition.

○ creative furniture - antique / rustic / old wood
○ Belt bottoms ○ fir-cabinets
○ Various rustic furniture
○ Ceiling lamps in country style
○ various old wood, old windows, beams, fittings
○ general carpentry work

Two new donkeys

Bambi and Fredo joind us lately. The two 8-year-old lovable grand donkeys complete the group which now counts eight animals.

Small animals on visit

Guinea pigs and Seramas (bantams) are the main attraction on our visits at the retirement home. The inhabitants enjoy being together with the animals and many memories of earlier times are awakened.


In winter, our Seramas (bantam hens) have been breeding for the first time and six tiny 3cm little chicks hatched. These animals stay with us and are trained with a lot of time and love by us and our trainee in order to be ready for the vist at the retirement home.

Chicken, sheeps, cats

Since the second half of 2016, our donkey farm has also been home to 5 chickens with its cock and the two Quessant dwarf sheep, Köbi and Babettli. And the three cats Kiki, Nero, Garfield. We are very happy about this new animal acquisition but are also required - especially with the two wild cat boys.

Our donkeys on TV (GERMAN)


Wellcome Lussy

Our donkey gelding Fuego has found a new place of life. But we welcome the young donkey mare Lussy on our donkey farm. We are looking forward to getting to know her, to work with her and to show her the environment.

Sendung auf Radio Munot (Schaffhauser Regionalradio)

Die Radiomoderatorin kommt im Dezember 2015 zu uns um in der Tiersendung
über den Esel zu berichten. Natalie wird dazu interviewt.


Der Esel - alles andere als stur.mp3


Since summer 2015 also four Greek land turtles belong to the farm.

New Tipi

It is now autumn 2014 and we have replaced our old Tipi by a large 8m-Tipi. We now offer an area of ​​50m2 for overnight stays and / or events. It can sleep up to 25 people and 40 people can sit at the tables. There is a double fire place in the mittle of the tipi for the barbecue, cooking or for an outdoor fondue.