Experience an exceptional children's birthday along with our donkeys

 The children get to know the long-eared bats, learn some interesting facts about the donkeys, brush and stroke the animals. This is  followed by a half-hour tour with riding. Back on the farm the birthday child is celebrated and the party may start with your birthday  cake.

 Afterwards we have the opportunity for a playful activity. Some suggestions, depending on the weather:
 Treasure hunt with donkey questions, excercise, handicraft work, Popcorn on the fire, singing songs in the straw or listening to stories.
 You are welcome to state your requests or you use the remaining time to do your own games.

 We know out of experience that the offered 3 hours are tight. You may also book an additional hour to get more time for your party  (see duration). 

 The birthday table in the straw area will be decorated by us. Plates, napkins and cups are available. (see photo above). Of cours you  may also bring your own decorations in advance and prepare the birthday table yourself. 

 Usually we offer syrup, whereat the birthday cake and/or snack is provided by you. Of course it is also possible to delegate the entire  catering to us.
 If the fireplace or the tipi is free you may eat there and enjoy your food/drink for a surcharge of 20.- (wood 15.-)

 Overnight stay
 You are welcome to combine your party with an overnight stay - for details go to lodging.

companions are reqiured if more than 5 children (depending on age) celebrate at the donkey farm. Otherwise it might not be possible
 to ride on the donkeys.
 We recommend good shoes and all weather clothing. If available, take a helmet with you, but of course we also have some riding  helmets here.

Prices in Swiss Francs (Euro is accepted according to the exchange rate at the date of booking confirmation)  
Per child 35.-, but at least 175.- / for each additional hour we charge 50.-
If you are more than 2 companions: 15.-/person

Included in the fee are:
- An introduction about donkeys / cleaning / riding / guiding
- One playful activity (Proposal sie above)
- Use of tables and benches
- Use of toilet
- Decorated birthday table
- Cups / plates / napkins
- Beverages (raspberry syrup / water)
- Small gift for the birthday child

3 hours (an additional hour may be booked for 50.-)

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.