Experience an extraordinary children's birthday with our donkeys

The children get to know the donkeys, learn about the long ears, brush and caress the animals. Every child can be with a donkey in the enclosure to make a small course and depending on the weather / time / age of the children you also may ride on a donkey a small round. In the haystack the birthday party is celebrated and the Cake can be eaten. There is also time to open the gifts - if desired.

Then there is still time for a playful activity. This is very good game called treasure hunting. There will be questions about donkeys and only with the right code word the treasure can be recovered.

Birthday table
The birthday table will be made in the hay (see picture above on the right). Plates / napkins / cups are ready. Likewise, syrup.

Number of people
From 5 children (depending on the age). Two, depending on the situation also three companion recommended. Otherwise, no riding facilities may be offered.

To take along
We recommend good shoes and weather-adapted clothing. If you like you may bring the bicycle helmet of the kids with you, but we also have some riding helmets her

- Duration: 3 hours
- Included in the price is a small gift for the birthday child

Prices (Euro accepted according to exchange rate at booking confirmation) 
Price CHF 40.-/child, at least we charge CHF 175.-
If you are more than two companions: 10.-/person

You may combine your celebration with an overnight stay. For more details go to lodging