Step by step with donkeys

The donkey go at their own pace and show us how attentively they perceive their environment. Be it a gust of wind moved the branches, a tractor on the field in the distance, the scream of a Milan or the annoying fly on the donkey's back .... 

You are invited to share this attention and to enjoy together with the donkeys the beautiful nature.

Walks with the donkeys may be planed as a short tour , as a half-day or full-day trip with lunch and beverage or self made popcorn on the fire (all trips including riding for children).

Short trip: first the donkeys are tethered, petted, brushed and saddled. Then we start the short walk (about 20-25 minutes arond the cornfields or through the village). Kids may of course ride or lead the donkey. Expect about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours for the entire preperation and the tour.

Half-day trip: same as for the short tour, except that the walk takes about two times 35 minutes with a short rest at a nice place with a big tree close to a forest. We will have self made popcorn and you get some refreshing drinks. The entire preperation and the tour takes about 3 1/2 hours.

There are no fix dates. Just contact us and we will coordinate the date and time together with you.

According your wishes. We propose the full-day tour from 9am to 4pm, the half-day tour from 9am to 12am or 2pm to 5pm.

Target group
Individuals, families, schools, clubs, birthdays (also for adults), company events

Our fireplace close to the creek may be booked before/after a donkey tour. You may barbecue your lunch/dinner and enjoy your meal, the kids may use the playground and watch the turtles and the rabbits.  
For the full-day trip you may take your own lunch with you or we barbecue for you a delicious lunch, for example risotto with chipolata and salad, a dessert and beverages.

Overnight stay
You are welcome to combine the donkey tour with an overnight stay - for details go to "Lodging".

Prices in Swiss Francs (Euro is accepted according to the exchange rate at the date of booking confirmation)   
short tour:          1 donkey 50.- / 2 donkey 80.- / additional donkey 20.-
Half-day trip:      70.- / kids up to 12y.: 35.- / we charge at least 210.-

Fireplace:           fee incl. grill grate 20.- (grill wood 15.-)

Lunch:                Meal without beverages: Adult 30.- / Kids up to 12y.: 15.-

Discount for groups with 10 persons or more

We recommend good shoes and all weather clothing.
Persons riding may bring their own helmet, otherwise, however, we also have some riding helmets here.
The number of donkeys joining us us on tour is depending on the size of the group and/or on the amount of donkey leaders.
We reserve the right to change the tour due to weather conditions (e.g. storm / thunderstorm / ice) in the short term or to cancel it.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.