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Dear Natalie and Stefan

Many thanks to you for the wonderful time we were allowed to spend with you. It was a very special time for the children, in particular the interaction with the lovely donkeys and the other animals, and for me it was great slow-down time. I will certainly recommend you warmly to my friends and hope to be back soon.
Kind regards

Gretta, with Lukas, Lorenz and Eva


Dear Natalie, dear Stefan

Thank you again a thousand times for the great hour with you !!! Natalie you have so lovingly designed! Almost everyone knew
what you told them about the donkey, wow! All the kids raved about the donkeys the next day and everybody thought that
to sit and feed
the donkeys was so uuuuuuper!

All children - except one - drew a picture with themselves and the donkey while currying, so sweet. A child stood out with a glass of ice cream (we ate afterwards on the playground).

Thank you and see you again
All the best, Désirée


Hello everybody

Thank you for allowing me to celebrate a memorable 40th birthday on the donkey farm with 30 guests! Begining with the friendly and
uncomplicated preparation, the weather-independent program (first aperitif and games with sun outside on the beautiful grasland close
to the animals, then in light rain the evening meal in the sheltered tipi) to the adventurous risotto cooking on the open fireplace and the
delicious desserts has everything worked out fine. We all felt very comfortable and the time passed too fast on your wild romantic and
powerful place!
I can not only recommend the donkey fram for individuals but also very clear for family celebrations, club events and groups and we will
certainly be back soon with our children - thank you for everything!

Familie Markus Oppliger, Romanshorn
June, 2015


Hallo donkey farm

For this Christmas we decided to do something special with our children, once away from PC and TV. By chance we discovered the
website of the donkey fram and we immediately knew where we want to spend our Christmas Eve.
Said and done and we booked immediately. It was just awesome, to sepnd Christmas Eve as a family in a tipi with fire and sausage
and hash browns. So quaint and homey. As final the legendary chocolate banana - dessert was the icing on the cake.
On the reindeer skins we spent all a pleasantly warm night and enjoyed the morning again with at the fire prepared morning meal.
It was just special and a memorable trip to the the donkey farm, just like we have wished.
The donkeys have impressed us and we were able to learn much about this social animals. Our daughter still knows today all names
and can't stop talking about these very cherished animals.

It was nice with you, Stefan and Natalie, and we felt very comfortable. We will be back. The self made bathroom facilities were so
practical and cosy (!). Everywhere we discovered pretty little details of the old days -  you do it real good.

d‘Sagerfamily, Christmas 2014


Thanks again for your hospitality, it was unique with you. It is for all of us an unforgettable weekend stay. We can truly recommend you !!

Best wishes
Helene und Röbi mit Familien, Kreuzlingen


We traveled to the donkey farm with a large group of 30 kids during the Children's Week of our parish.
With a lot of children and animal love, knowledge and patience Stefan and Natalie have the animals brought us closer.
The children took the donkeys (and their owners) immediately in their heart. They learned how to look after the donkey and how to care.
From the treasure hunt, to ride to the delicious barbecue lunch, everything was just perfect organized.
In the evening we went with 30 enthusiastic children on the journey back to Neuhausen.


Dear Natalie, dear Stefan,
Thank you for the experience and educational day we could spend with you on the donkey farm.
It was an ingenious and valuable experience for the kids!

Pastor Matthias Koch, Neuhausen am Rheinfall


Hello Natalie and Stefan

We would like to thank for the nice weekend with you. It was very relaxing and in every respect perfect!
You felt very cared for and I hope we can soon be your guests again.

Kind Regards 

Marcel & Familie, Dietikon


The family Fisch is a prime example of hospitality and warmth.
Be sure they fulfill all your wishes if they are able to and even forced-related nutritional Extra wishes is no problem
and they are happy to fulfill it - a hotel breakfast buffet may not offer much more.
The self-renovated sanitary - and kitchen facilities are very clean and made with great attention to detail, you just feel
right at home.
My son and I enjoyed our stay with the family Fisch and their donkeys and we are looking forward to our next visit -
we might try then sleeping in the straw, although we really enjoyed the Tipi Adventure

on request with no name, Nürensdorf


Beautifully crafted, informative website. Luckily, there are still people who also keep their donkeys busy and 
challenge them.

Best wishes, Roger (hoof carer)