Stroking, brush and cuddle ... donkeys can be cuddly! 
Experience the world of donkeys on a morning for children of age 3 to 6


The children get used to the donkeys and brush the donkeys together with a parent or guardian. We pet and nuzzle with the long ears and take a short walk, whereat each child may ride. We playfully learn about the nature, the needs and welfare of the long-eared bats.
In the haystack we sing a song or listen to a story. We discover the barn, smell the hay, maybe even play a game and eat together our morning snack. 

 For information
- Catering: the morning snack is brought by you, we provide syrup and/or water
- We recommend good shoes. Persons riding may bring their own helmet, otherwise, however, we also have some riding helmets here.
- For the half-day kids event we need at least 5 kids but not more than 7 
- Per child 1 companion is neccessary


From 9am to 12am 

Prices in Swiss Francs (Euro is accepted according to the exchange rate at the date of booking confirmation)  
45.-, brothers/sisters 35.-

At least 5, but not over 7

Overnight stay
You are welcome to combine your half-day event with an overnight stay - for details go to "Lodging".


Dates are determined in consultation with us and according your wishs.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.