This animals live beside to Leena's mice and Papi's fish on the donkey farm. First the donkeys like to introduce ...


Joschi ist 2006 im Zoo Rothenborg geboren. Der hellgraue Wallach
besitzt sehr temperamentvolle,
anderseits sehr verschmuste Seiten.


The little shaggy Mio was born in 2006 at the zoo Rothenburg. Mio is very curious, cuddly and extremely clever.


Bambi was born in 2010 in France. The young giant donkey shows up very well curious and affectionate. Due to negative experiences in his earlier life however, Bambi needs still time to fully trust man.

Fredo was born in France in 2010 and
joined us together with  Bambi.
He also shows fears in dealing with
People and their environment. Fredo is
rather closed and stubborn.

The two Quessant-Dwarf-sheeps Babettli and Flöckli feel home here already. They are looking forward to the walks and love to roam on their small pastures.

Gertrud, Frieda, Berta and Alma are our Bielefelder chicken. Meanwhile, they all diligently lay their eggs.

The young black Kiki has been well after start-up difficulties with the other three cats. Kelly is our old lady and does not bounce the mice as often as before.

Garfield and Nero are our wild guys. They rage the whole day long around, but are getting very devoted during feeding time.

8 years old are our Greek land turtles. They love to run around in warm weather. During winter time they are sleeping in a small cottage well proteced from the cold weather.

Our four rabbits Chipsi, Lümmel, Ringli and Lea are very curious, childish and enjoy the green food that are given by our guests.

       Our Serama-Bantam and our Guinea-Pic are slowly being prepared for their visits at the retirement- and nursing homes