You sleep on a soft layer of straw in the haystack, where the temperature equals more or less the outside temperature. Please consider that
 for your clothing and sleeping bag choice. You'll get one blanket per person and a flashlight from us. Don't forget to take your sleeping bag,
 an underlay, a pillow  if needed, a towel and during summer time mosquito repellent with you.

 Prices per night                  in Swiss Francs (Euro is accepted according to the exchange rate at the date of invoicing)                                         
 Adults                                  43.-                              
 Childern age 2-12                 22.-      
 Childern age 0-2                   free of charge 

 Breakfast adult.                    18.-        
 Breakfast child age 2-12        10.-         
 Breakfast child age 0-2          free of charge

Usage fee for the barbecue area:            30.-    including: 1 harass wood, grill, barbecue tongs, lighting material, dishes

 Visitors's tax above 12 y.                       2.50   per night/person

 Prices for: beverages, usage of washing machine, rental items such as bath towel / underlay mat / sleeping bag / mosquito net: please contact us

 Price example:
Family with 2 adults and 2 children aged 2-12 years:  
per night with breakfast incl. visitor's tax: CHF 159.-

Other infrastructure
  - Sanitary facilities (heated) with 2 toilets, shower, hair dryer, mirror
  - Lounge with refrigerator, coffee maker (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bouillon), Microwave
  - Dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils (inventory on request)
  - High chair, cot, changing table, children's corner
  - Table Football (indoor), table tennis (summer outdoors)

 Beverages: are not included but can be purchased from us.
 Selection: Beer, white wine, red wine, water with and without gas, soda (lemon/orange), apple juice, coffee, tea

 Self catering:  
The heated recreation room may be used, but cooking is not possible. It has a microwave, fridge and coffee maker.  Crockery, cutlery, glasses, salad bowl, ... may be used and washed again. Outside the creek ours can  Barbecue area to be booked. Everything is available here. Sometimes guests take their camping stove with them to cook outside.  We are planning a communal kitchen in the guest area above, this is possibly at the end of the year in use.

The room rate is without breakfast, but may be booked on request. Everything is ready for self-service in the fridge,  we provide fresh bread in the morning. If you are 5 persons or more, we provide a breakfast buffet.  For food intolerance / allergies (milk, lactose, gluten etc) we are happy to provide a customized breakfast.

Only possible with pre-order.  
2 persons or more: cheese fondue  
5 persons or more: Risotto, sausages with bread  
8 persons or more: spaghetti buffet
We can also simply provide you with the food for the grill with a salad or sandwiches with ingredients at your requests.

Unfortunately, we have no restaurant in the village. Possibilities: Restaurant in the neighboring village of Ramsen (eg Hirschen, Schäfli) or in Stein am Rhein,  Diessenhofen, Schaffhausen or in the German neighborhood.